IT support for administrators, faculty, staff, and students

VegaNext helps educational institutions with an array of technologies and innovations. We provide fast and stable networks that deliver access to the learning and teaching tools needed by students and educators. This kind of digital learning environment requires a facility-wide wireless network with high bandwidth and multi-level access controls, and our Vega-X cloud service is the perfect solution.

Schools today need to accommodate a large number of users with a wide variety of devices, so we will configure your network to handle any operating system or platform, securely. This includes implementing extensive data backup and recovery systems, and secure, flexible bring-your-own-device access. Our technology solutions are designed to meet your goals and budget, and future-proof your IT ecosystem so that you can support both traditional and virtual learning environments.

Technologies that work, so you’re free to focus on patient and research outcomes

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How VegaNext Helps

  • 24-hour support including network and mobile device management

  • Campus-wide Wi-Fi infrastructure for staff, faculty, and students

  • Digital classroom technologies like smartboards, video conferencing, and E-learning software

  • Virtual and cloud network setup, rollout, and management

  • Specialized data security for educational institutions, including network access controls, firewalls, secure backups, and BYOD policies

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