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IT can be complicated. As technology in the manufacturing sector continues to improve and become more complex, it can be really difficult to keep up. However, if you don’t, you risk operating your business less efficiently and securely than others in your industry. Manufacturing companies need instant access to a wide range of data to operate properly, and if your IT isn’t set up in a way that’s conducive to efficiency, your business will take the hit. That’s why you need comprehensive manufacturing IT services to help you ensure that your IT systems are running as optimally as possible.

VegaNext offers manufacturing IT services that can help you operate your business more efficiently, save money and time, guarantee and maintain compliance, and everything in between. We aim to take a comprehensive approach so we can identify potential problems with your manufacturing IT from every angle. Learn more about our manufacturing IT solutions from VegaNext and reach out to our team of professionals today to get started!

How VegaNext Helps

In a fast-paced industry such as manufacturing, downtime poses a serious threat to your operations. That’s why proactivity is important when it comes to your IT. VegaNext offers 24-hour support to help ensure you’re always on track. With 24-hour monitoring, you can proactively address issues, before they cause significant problems and cost your company money. We’ll keep an eye on your network access, processes, and communication at all times so all you have to do is focus on getting the job done and delivering solutions for your customers.

While downtime is a big issue in the manufacturing industry, so are things such as data breaches, malware, IP theft, etc. With an improper manufacturing IT setup, you’re putting your company at risk for expensive security issues and malicious attacks. With active security monitoring from VegaNext, you never have to worry about your manufacturing IT infrastructure being vulnerable to these types of threats, as our team of professionals will work to catch them before they ever turn into a problem.

There are many specific standards within the manufacturing industry that your company must follow in order to continue operations and build trust with clients, partners, employees, etc. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)-based cyber-risk assessments are procedures that aim to assess your compliance and safety within parameters specified by the NIST. These assessments are used to help identify, assess, and prioritize any risks found within your manufacturing IT infrastructure. We want to help inform your important decision-makers and support proper risk responses to the risks we do find, if any.

Cyber-risk assessments work to answer questions related to your organization’s most important information technology assets, types of data breaches that could potentially have a major impact on your operations, the likelihood of exploitation of vulnerabilities, and much more.

VegaNext can perform these risk assessments and help you identify how to protect your organization from potential risks or how to fix any risks that may already exist within your manufacturing operations.

The manufacturing includes the use of many different types of data, with much of it being sensitive and vulnerable to cyber attacks and other problems. If you have many different types of data stored in a wide range of places, it can be difficult to not only keep track of the data itself, but also the security risks that are presented in each location. That’s why streamlining your sensitive data in one secure location is critical. Not only are you ensuring all of your data is protected, but you’re giving yourself and your employees the opportunity to quickly and efficiently access any data or information they may need. Our professionals at VegaNext can help you manage your data, no matter how large your organization is, so you can easily access whatever you need right away and can always rest assured that it’s all protected.

IT solutions that free you to deliver on schedule

VegaNext’s support for manufacturers ensures their technology lets them focus on their process efficiencies and production deadlines. Our goals are network stability and security, and the elimination of our clients’ bottlenecks and downtime.

We understand that too often today’s technologies create their own risk factors and inefficiencies – we are here to remove these burdens with customized networked solutions for all your process and communication needs.

For manufacturers with multiple locations, VegaNext specializes in integration: we offer control systems and data sharing solutions that keep your workforce mobilized and production on track, across your site or across the country.

Technologies that work, so you’re free to focus on patient and research outcomes

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Benefits of Manufacturing IT Services

There are many benefits of implementing professional manufacturing IT services within your busy. Some of these examples include:

  • Improved efficiency for all of your operations


As someone who works in the manufacturing industry, you may not have time to step back and evaluate your current IT infrastructure. Is it operating as efficiently as possible? Is it secure? Are you able to access data when and where you need it? These are all questions that our team at VegaNext can help you answer.

What we typically see when working with clients in the manufacturing industry is the use of lots of layered technology with significant cost that could easily have a more integrated solution. We’ll work with you to identify these potential problem areas and develop a comprehensive solution.

We’ll help you work through issues with your current Managed Services Providers (MSPs) and lay out the most important ways to streamline your process using manufacturing IT.

Our Professional Manufacturing IT Assistance Includes

Analysis of current
IT structure

Data storage practice improvement

Security optimization

Improved efficiency for your
entire IT infrastructure

Rely on VegaNext for Manufacturing IT

At VegaNext, we’re excited to help you identify pain points and provide you with comprehensive solutions to your manufacturing IT that help solve problems and protect you from every angle. We use industry-leading technology, practices, and assessments to determine where your issues are stemming from, and our experienced team uses their knowledge to help develop useful solutions. To learn more about our manufacturing IT or to get in touch with our team of professionals, reach out to VegaNext today!

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