Your vCTO will oversee the technology direction of your business

VegaNext’s Virtual Chief Technology Officer (vCTO) services give you a seasoned technical executive that ensures every technology decision brings you closer to achieving your business vision. The vCTO will play a crucial role in your overall IT strategy by providing technical insight, planning, and budgeting, playing a crucial role in your overall IT strategy.

They are responsible for analyzing trends that could determine risks or opportunities for your business, as well as managing your vendor relationships and negotiations. Your vCTO will also evaluate your current network infrastructure, assess your employee’s needs, and offer recommendations to improve daily operations and add more value to your products and services.

Get veteran IT leadership at a fraction of the cost from VegaNext.


We ensure the completion of your technology initiatives on time & on budget

VegaNext’s IT Project Managers make technology acquisitions, migrations, and upgrades smooth and problem-free. Our PM team has the skills, expertise, and resources to complete tech initiatives of various scopes and levels of complexity for your business.

Our tried-and-tested methodology includes identifying project scope and deliverables, organizing the project timeline, negotiating and budget management, coordinating with key personnel and third-party suppliers, monitoring project progress and quality, and reporting post-mortem.

Whether you are thinking of moving to the cloud or simply upgrading your workstations, our Project Managers will provide successful, on-time, and on-budget operations.


We have over 100 years of technology management, support, and consulting experience

  • Technology Roadmap and Budgeting
  • Asset Management
  • Vendor Management and Strategy
  • Risk and Compliance Management
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • IT Project
  • ManagementTechnology Training & Development
  • Network planning and upgrades
  • Server removal
  • Software upgrades
  • Office and data relocations
  • Custom website development
  • Business intelligence strategy planning
  • Cloud migration
  • Virtualization deployment
  • IT resource hiring, staffing, and staff management
  • Organizational effectiveness management and training
  • Transformational leadership — leading your team
    through key development milestones
  • Technology Roadmap and Budgeting
  • Asset Management
  • Vendor Management and Strategy
  • Risk and Compliance Management
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • IT Project
  • ManagementTechnology Training & Development
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We provide 24x7x365 maintenance & optimization of your entire IT infrastructure

Your technology depends on how well your infrastructure’s systems and parts work together. And, because of their complexity and depth, maintaining these moving parts can be exhausting for smaller businesses who don’t have the manpower or resources to support it.

VegaNext’s Infrastructure Management gives you a team of certified engineers that keep your network, hardware, and software running at peak performance at all times. This means that your IT resources are always secure and functioning, eliminating unexpected downtimes and the costly expenses that come along with it.

A small monthly fee gives you robust and reliable technology so you can keep on delivering great customer experiences. Call us today!


Increase your team’s expertise & productivity without the cost of hiring full-time employees

Our Workforce Augmentation services provide the human resources your business needs to meet any temporary or permanent demand. This means you get carefully selected and highly qualified personnel with the right specializations and expertise for your needs. We can also help develop your team with organizational effectiveness training that fosters a high-performance culture, boosts collaboration, and improves leadership in your workplace. Expand and develop your business with VegaNext’s Workforce Augmentation services.