We deploy secure cloud infrastructures for increased productivity, mobility, and huge cost savings

VegaNext provides end-to-end managed Cloud Services that allow tech-savvy businesses and mobile-friendly workforces to stay competitive. When you host your servers, data, workstations, and applications in the cloud, you enjoy the latest technologies with lower upfront costs, hassle-free maintenance, and on-demand access to what you need to get things done.

Cloud Deployment

Cloud Migration

Cloud Management

Managing cloud services, especially across multiple providers can quickly become unwieldy. Many businesses find it difficult to control and manage cloud-provisioning costs. VegaNext’s unique VegaCloud platform can solve your cloud management and cost control problems by giving you a single management solution that covers all major cloud services, including Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.

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We offer a simplified way of managing the connectivity of your mobile and multi-site business

Most businesses use traditional private networks to connect multiple offices and remote employees with physical equipment. These may be safe and reliable, but they can’t keep up with the demands of mobile and cloud-first businesses. Tasks such as provisioning new applications and increasing the bandwidth of each “branch” (office location) in your network become complex, expensive, and error-prone.

VegaNext’s SD-WAN solutions offer an automated and simplified approach to network management. Instead of relying on cables and switching hardware to connect your employees, the SD-WAN creates a virtual network over your existing internet connection that is just as safe and versatile as a traditional WAN, but with more functionality and speed. This means you make the most efficient use of your network, deploying commands smarter and faster to drive productivity and reduce unnecessary costs.


We source and implement the telecom services that meet your unique network and capacity demands

VegaNext’s Carrier Services remove the burden of dealing with and managing multiple providers that business owners have in finding the right internet and telecom solutions for their organization. We have the industry knowledge and access to a portfolio of products and services that will meet your company’s need for high-speed, reliable, and scalable connectivity.

Our team will designate a dedicated agent who ensures you’re getting the best possible deals and that your solutions are always performing optimally. If you want to get the most value from your telecom services, contact us today for a consultation and quote.


We collaborate with you to design the ideal network solutions for your company

– Mobility – access all your business files and applications no matter where you are

– Scalability – easily adjust your services to your data storage, bandwidth, and user requirements

– Cost efficiency – save on reducing capital expenditures, electricity bills, and maintenance costs

– Security – protect your assets in state-of-the-art, climate-controlled data centers


– Centralized management – your entire WAN is visible and configured under one dashboard

– Performance – you can prioritize and control applications for optimal end-user experience

– Cost-savings – reduced need for legacy hardware and MPLS to meet growing bandwidth needs

– Security – advanced security features to keep all your locations protected and online

  • Compliance – compliance tools for PCI and HIPAA to keep your business on the books

– Dedicated Internet

– Point to Point


– Metro Fiber Ethernet

– Colocation

– Local Voice


– Geographical redundancy – we constantly back up your data at our state-of-the-art data centers for immediate accessibility after an on-premise disaster

– Data security and compliance – our facilities have extensive data and physical security protocols that are compliant with regulatory standards

– Business continuity planning – we develop a step-by-step guide to streamline the recovery process

– Round-the-clock monitoring – our experts continually monitor and test your backups to ensure uptime for your operations


– State-of-the-art facilities – climate-controlled data centers equipped with high bandwidth connections for optimized network performance

– Data security and compliance – our facilities have extensive data and physical security protocols that are compliant with regulatory standards

– Business continuity– deploying your servers in our colocation facilities allow you to recover critical data in the event of a disaster on your premises

– Round-the-clock monitoring – our experts continually monitor and test systems to ensure uptime for your operations

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We provide businesses with reliable, secure, and scalable data center solutions

VegaNext’s Colocation Services give businesses the flexibility to grow without limitations. Hosting your servers and other computing equipment in our state-of-the-art facilities gives you an infrastructure that’s readily deployable and expandable to your needs and budget. It also offers you the benefits of maximized availability and reduced operating costs.

Our data centers are locked down with tight security and round-the-clock monitoring so you can spend less time worrying about infrastructure maintenance. And, when disaster strikes, you can keep your business running as our data centers are equipped with power and cooling redundancy that ensures continued access to your mission-critical hardware.


We create a plan that restores your hardware, applications, and data quickly after a disaster

Downtime due to natural or man-made disasters means you can’t continue serving customers, leading to lost revenues and a damaged reputation. VegaNext offers complete Disaster Recovery Services that specify a plan of action to minimize downtime and mitigate risks following an incident.

Our strategy uses a combination of on-premise and cloud-based backups. Your backups are stored on our cutting-edge, climate-controlled data servers where they are protected, monitored, and tested by our experts round-the-clock for an affordable monthly fee. This gives you rapid restore capability, security, cost-efficiency, and total peace of mind.


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